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  Tlai Tno Association

History clearly indicates that Khmer is one of the oldest ethnic groups in Southeast Asia. At the same time, Khmer had created the deep root of civilization in that norm and concept show that Khmer is diligent and has a tendency towards the preservation of its own cultural heritages.

However, for the last several decades, Khmer was faced with many difficulties that destroyed Khmer families, norm and documents that were important legacies from their ancestors. Khmer has the saying, “if culture dies, the nation dies, and if culture prospers, the nation develops.” It is essential to educate young generation about cultural and national identity in order to encourage them to preserve and love the Khmer legacy. The purpose of this publication is to make Khmer younger generation understand the values of cultural heritage. It is believed that when they understand the value, they can love and help to protect the cultural legacy.